Taking Care

performative workshop and installation.

james madison university's grace st. gallery space.


A long table was set for 20. Each with a pencil, a crochet hook, instructions on a napkin and a unique tray.

Members of the community were invited to give labor, energy and consideration to meal preparation through applying a common craft technique to the food item itself. Through the act of crocheting pasta, participants were learning and laboring together.


After the workshop, the pasta was left out to dry. Two nights later, the pasta was cooked and members of the community were invited back to have a seat at the dinner table.

Throughout the duration of this participatory happening, the artist was continually boiling the previously crocheted pasta and announcing the name of the individual who crafted it as it was served. Arm braces where at each setting restricting individuals from feeding themselves and consequently unique feeding methods ensued. 


Copyright Nava Levenson 2016. All Rights Reserved. Photography by Pinwheel Collective. Photography by Nava Levenson